Putzography ?

    Odd name you might say. It originated from my father who deemed me a putz with a camera....  Putzography grew from there. Im fairly certain he didn't mean the word putz as it is defined, but he was lighthearted man and got a good laugh from it.  In his memory I opted to keep the name.  

      Before I was old enough to make a logical decision I joined the Navy and entered into an almost alien world of structure and discipline ... which is exactly what I needed. It began a 10 year career of  many long months at sea where days and nights turned into 12 hour shifts.   It was a challenging part of my life which not only forced me to become a respectable young man, it made clear the lessons my father had been trying to teach me for years.  It also afforded  me opportunities to travel and witness the beauty and cultures around the world.  Ive been around the world twice and visited 15 countries, gaining a new found respect of life as an American.  Unfortunately, I was still a kid that had no concept of what I was witnessing and needless to say I have no images to reflect from those experiences.  

      Once I realized I wasn't cut from the right mold to make a lifetime of being in the military I headed home to Colorado. For the last 17 years I have lived in Carbondale amongst absolute beauty and the most serene places a person could dream of.  Songs have been written about the mountains where I live, however I was completely blind to them.  Ive always had an interest in photography but never took it seriously, never imagined how looking at the world through a lens would give me a passion for capturing life's moments.  My experience is primarily landscape and wild life photography which is on the edge of being indescribable.  I now see in a different perspective which allows me to notice shapes and objects, light and color everywhere I look.  The world looks entirely different through the eyes of a photographer and Im excited to see where this journey takes me.  

       Im thankful that photography has become my escape and for the past several years along this journey I have met some incredible people. Ive encountered many photographer's  and was lucky enough to gain a mentor who has been more than a blessing to have. Ive just scratched the surface of this journey and I have much to learn and many places to see.  I hope you travel with me and enjoy these images and much as I have capturing them.  



The Nothing Box

I came across a video on youtube called The Tale of Two Brains, by Mark Gungor. It's a video that describes the differences in how men and women think, It's very comical as well, quite logical.  Mark describes how a man has many boxes in his mind and one particular box is The Nothing Box.   When a man goes to his nothing box it allows him to do absolutely nothing and be completely content doing it.  I thought, that really hits close to home on my approach to photography. Many times I  head out with no destination in mind, just drive until I decide I am there or an idea pops into my head.... or I get hungry.   I can take an image, scout for an image, sit by a fire and talk to my father...  the moment can dictate my pattern.  No deadlines, no agenda, no checkout, no stress... just a place to lay my head down and not think about anything other than how peaceful it is.